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RxSpark Press Release

Mar 25, 2017

RxSpark ( is the new online pharmacy, providing patients with a fast and simple way to find the cheapest prescription and over-the-counter medication online and in your local neighborhood.

More than a quarter of Americans between 18 and 64 struggle to pay medical expenses, according to a recent study. Half of all Americans whose health insurance does not cover prescriptions were unable to afford their medical bills, according to a Consumer Reports study. Furthermore, 15 percent of individuals with coverage struggled to pay for treatment. The study also showed 45 percent of individuals without health insurance for prescriptions had avoided filling a prescription because of the cost. This has led to a growing concern among US households about how to save money on their medication and prescriptions.

Many patients across the US remain unaware that there are better deals online than the prices found at their local pharmacy and so overpay each time they fill a prescription or purchase over-the-counter medication. The price of medicine varies dramatically between pharmacies, even between vendors within a block of each other. A product such as Zocor may be over $100 in one pharmacy, yet only $5 a block away. This can make finding the cheapest option a frustrating and confusing challenge. 

RxSpark offers a simple way to search for the lowest prices on a comprehensive range of prescription and over-the-counter medications. Patients enter the name of the drug and their location on the website and click search to find which of their local pharmacies is the cheapest. Prices are up to 95 percent cheaper than standard prices, potentially saving users hundreds of dollars. The RxSpark website also features helpful information on different medicines, including side effects, dosages and possible conflicts with over-the-counter medication. 

As well as being able to search the RxSpark website, you will also download their RxSpark Prescription Discount Card, which you can use an any pharmacy to get better pricing options. Simply present it to your pharmacist to see how much you can save.

With the RxSpark loyalty Rewards Program, users can earn Reward Points with each purchase via the RxSpark website or using their RxSpark Prescription Discount Card. These can be redeemed for gift cards for more than 500 stores and outlets, so users earn while they save on their family's prescriptions. Refer friends and family to RxSpark and earn Points every time they purchase medications via RxSpark. 

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