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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Have a question? Check out our FAQ section below to get answers to questions people frequently ask about RxSpark.

RxSpark Basics

What is RxSpark?

RxSpark helps you compare prices on thousands of prescription medications and over-the-counter drugs at local pharmacies across the United States. The cash price for prescriptions varies between different pharmacies and cheaper prices are often available online. We help patients throughout the country find the lowest prices for their prescription medication.

RxSpark also provides important information on your prescription medication. Enter a drug into the search bar and results will also include links to basic information about the drugs (such as dosages and uses), possible side effects and images of the medication in question.

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How do I use RxSpark?

Using RxSpark is easy. Enter the name of the drug into the search bar at, add a ZIP code or city and click search. We display the estimated cash prices at local pharmacies, in addition to the cheaper voucher price you get using RxSpark.

Results can be focused using the dropdown menus, helping you find exactly the right voucher for your prescription at a local pharmacy.

Once you’ve selected a voucher, simply print it off and present it to your pharmacist to receive a discounted price on your prescription.

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How do I compare prices for my prescriptions?

Simply enter the name of your prescription at along with your ZIP code or city, then click the search button.

The next page lists the medication prices at local pharmacies in the area specified. Using the dropdown menus you can specify the form (tablet, capsule, liquid etc), strength and quantity of medication required.

All you need to do next is print off your free voucher and take it into your chosen pharmacy to get the discounted price. It’s that easy to save money on your prescriptions!

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How do I find the right dosage, quantity or brand for my prescription?

Once you have searched for your prescription, the results page lists pharmacies and prices in the ZIP code or city specified. Above the list are the four dropdown menus to further narrow results so you find exactly the right Rx deal for you. These allow users to select branded or generic medication, specify the form (tablet, liquid, capsule etc), dosage (10mg or 100mg) and quantity.

Simply adjust these settings to find the right deal for you and prices will reload automatically to return the remaining vouchers matching your prescription needs.

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Is RxSpark a pharmacy?

RxSpark is a fast and easy way to compare prices at local and online pharmacies, but we are not a pharmacy. We provide information on drugs, dosages and possible conflicts, but do not fill prescriptions ourselves.

For answers to further questions about your medication, you are advised to get in touch with your chosen pharmacy directly. Contact information for your pharmacy of choice will be found on your discount voucher.

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Why isn’t my local pharmacy listed?

If your pharmacy does not appear in a search, there could be a number of possible causes.

Some small or local pharmacies are not be listed by name as they do not have approval from a nationally-recognized professional organization that works to maintain the health and safety of the US public. Many legitimate pharmacies do not have this accreditation.

Most of these pharmacies still accept RxSpark vouchers. Not appearing in the RxSpark results does not mean a pharmacy is illegal or dangerous. RxSpark only lists licensed US pharmacies.

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About RxSpark Prices

About our prices

Search for your prescriptions on RxSpark and you’ll be presented with a list of results from pharmacies in your specified location. These include both the estimated “cash price” and the “voucher price” you get through RxSpark.

RxSpark always lists the lowest voucher prices first, so it is easy to find the cheapest prescriptions.

Coupons include the name, address and contact details for the selected pharmacy, along with the estimated voucher price.

We only display prices that pharmacies are either advertising, or are obligated to provide by contract. If a pharmacy does not honor a price quoted through RxSpark, please get in touch and let us know.

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RxSpark does not feature my drug, pharmacy or chain…

We work hard to provide a thorough list of all prices and pharmacies across the United States. If you there is a drug or pharmacy you would like us to track, please let us know using our Contact Us page.

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RxSpark prices are wrong…

Oh dear, we always strive to provide accurate prices so you always get the best Rx deal! Please let us know what is wrong so we can fix it. Before sending us a correction, please note:

Prescription prices may vary from pharmacy to pharmacy and are subject to change. The pricing estimates given are based on the most recent information available and may change based on when you actually fill your prescription at the pharmacy. The day supply is based upon the average dispensing patterns or the specific drug and strength. The Program, as well as the prices and the list of covered drugs, can be modified at any time without notice.

Coupons are not eligible to be used alongside an insurance plan or Medicare plan.

If we still have a pricing error, please use our Contact Us page to let us know!

Thank you!

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Understanding specialty medications…

Patients with serious health conditions often require specialty medications. Typically, these are more expensive than regular drugs, often costing hundreds or thousands of dollars for each prescription. These pharmaceutical products require special handling and administration, and the majority of retail pharmacies do not stock them.

Insured patients may need authorization to fill specialty medication prescriptions, or be required to go through a specialty pharmacy. Insurance companies, manufacturers or the government usually provide financial support to patients taking these medications.

For more information about reducing the cost of specialty medication, patients are advised to visit the manufacturers website, which usually lists patient assistance programs.

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Understanding health care practitioner administered medications…

Some drugs, particularly those used to treat serious health conditions, are typically administered by healthcare practitioners or in a clinical setting. These prescriptions are not usually filled in retail pharmacies and typically need to be handled, administered or monitored by healthcare professionals. They are often very expensive and patients may need authorization from insurers.

Specialty medication may be covered under medical benefits rather than prescription insurance. People without insurance who require these specialty drugs may be eligible for financial support from the manufacturer, government or a non-profit organization.

For more information, visit the manufacturer’s website, which often lists patient assistance programs. Alternatively, take a look at the Financial Assistance section of our FAQs.

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Why are drug prices so variable?

Drug prices sometimes vary significantly between pharmacies, even between those in the same ZIP code. But why are they such a mystery?

Manufacturing is often relatively inexpensive, but the research and marketing costs for pharmaceuticals often push up the cost of branded drugs.

Patients paying cash
Paying cash for prescriptions is the only option for many Americans who don’t have insurance, or whose cover does not stretch to medication. RxSpark brings together thousands of offers to help keep your medical outgoings low, whether you self-pay for all treatment or do not have cover for prescriptions and medication.

Patients with insurance
Drug prices for insured patients depend on a number of factors.

  • Insurance companies negotiate prices that are typically lower than the cash price at pharmacies.

  • Prices are also dependent on whether a prescribed drug is covered in insurance company’s list of approved drugs (the formulary).

  • Insurance often requires patients to meet a deductible before paying out for prescriptions. With deductibles on the rise, paying cash with a voucher to get a cheaper generic drug may be a much cheaper option.

  • Prescription cover varies according to the tier of the drug. Different tiers require different co-pays, making it hard to predict the final cost of medication.

Patients with Medicare
Medicare affects drug prices in a similar way to insurance. The main difference is the government regulates prices and covers some of the costs of medication.

For more information on Medicare, visit

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I am pharmacist who wants to be listed on RxSpark

Fantastic! Use our Contact Us page and we will be in touch!

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Can I get vouchers for over-the-counter medication?

Yes of course! RxSpark has discount vouchers for an extensive variety of over-the-counter medication at many of your favorite retail pharmacies.

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Does RxSpark have prices for compounded medication?

RxSpark currently does not feature prices for compounded medication.

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Does RxSpark feature prices at international pharmacies?

RxSpark displays prices for pharmacies in all 50 states of US, including the District of Columbia. However, we do not currently offer vouchers at overseas pharmacies.

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How to Use RxSpark Coupons

How do RxSpark drug discount vouchers work?

Using an RxSpark voucher couldn’t be easier. Look up the medication you need at using the search tool. Once you have selected an Rx deal, click the Get Voucher button on the right of the screen.

Next, print, email or text the voucher and present it at the pharmacy when you go to fill your prescription to get the discounted price.

If you have any questions or problems, the contact details (including phone number) for the pharmacy are on the voucher.

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What is the difference between RxSpark vouchers and manufacturer coupons?

What are manufacturer coupons?
Co-pay cards (or manufacturer coupons) are offered by manufacturers of branded drugs. They are usually free but require registration on the company’s website. They are common when:

  • Drugs are new on the market.

  • Medication is not normally available on insurance plans.

  • Generic versions are approved and the drug is at the end of its patent.

Typically, these cards do not work alongside Medicare or other government programs. Insurance companies also prefer not to use manufacturer coupons as they still end up paying out a significant sum for expensive drugs.

How are RxSpark vouchers different?
When you pay cash, RxSpark is a fantastic way to spend less on your prescriptions. Coupons are free and are generated through agreements with participating pharmacies rather than the manufacturers of the drugs.

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How do RxSpark vouchers work?

RxSpark brings together the lowest prices for prescription drugs and over-the-counter medication at pharmacies across the United States.

  1. Simply enter the name of your drug and a location and RxSpark will list suppliers with the cheapest prices first.

  2. Each deal in the results has a Get Voucher button on the right. Just click on this button and save the voucher, either by printing, texting or emailing it to yourself.

  3. Next, present the free voucher at the pharmacy you selected when you fill or refill your prescription.

If you run into any problems or have any questions, please phone the number for your pharmacy at the bottom of the voucher.

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Do I need a new voucher each time I refill a prescription?

We recommend checking RxSpark and getting a new voucher before filling any prescription. Prices vary month to month, so a different pharmacy or new voucher may save you more money than the one used for your last prescription.

Once a voucher is used it may be kept on file at your pharmacy of choice, but this information may be cleared occasionally, so a new voucher may be required to get a discount. Consequently, we advise RxSpark users to print out a new voucher for each fill or refill.

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Do RxSpark vouchers expire?

RxSpark vouchers do not expire. Once a voucher is used, the pharmacy will keep the information on file and you can continue to get that price and save money.

However, pharmacies may clear this information and you may be required to produce a new voucher when refilling a prescription.

In the weeks or months between refills, prices may fluctuate. For this reason, we recommend checking for a new voucher each time you fill a prescription, as you may find a cheaper voucher or lower price at another pharmacy.

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Can I reuse a voucher if my pharmacy or prescription changes?

Yes you can. Coupons work at most pharmacies and for most prescriptions, so if you have printed a voucher but need to alter the medication or quantity you can still use it.

However, it is worth checking again on, as there may be a voucher for a cheaper price, saving you more money on your prescription.

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Can I transfer a prescription?

Pharmacies make transferring your prescription an easy process. Your new pharmacy will be eager to sign you up, so will do most of the work when you want to take advantage of their lower prices or more convenient location.

The process typically takes less than a day (usually just a few hours) to complete, and some pharmacies allow you to transfer prescriptions online.

Pharmacies need some basic information to transfer a prescription:

  • Name

  • Prescription information

  • RxSpark voucher information

  • The name and contact number for your current pharmacy

It is not possible to transfer some prescriptions, for example for controlled drugs and specialty medications. In these instances, you will probably need to talk to your physician for a new prescription.

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My RxSpark voucher wasn’t honored at my pharmacy…

We are happy to look into any issue involving one of our vouchers. Pharmacists are not always aware they are part of an agreement to accept RxSpark vouchers and we can usually resolve any misunderstandings or problems. First, call the number on the voucher to speak to the pharmacy. If this does not work, contact us and we will do what we can to solve the problem.

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My RxSpark voucher was honored, but the price was wrong…

RxSpark brings together thousands of discounts to show you the lowest prices near you. However, this means prices may vary and lower discounts may be available each month, even when you fill at the same pharmacy.

If a pharmacy charges a higher price than the one shown on your voucher, it may be because the voucher on file for you at the pharmacy is out of date.

To avoid this, check the prices on RxSpark every time you have to refill a prescription and print out a new voucher to ensure you receive the best prices when buying your medication.

If you run into any problems or have any questions, please phone the number for your pharmacy which is at the bottom of the voucher.

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I can’t print my RxSpark discount voucher…

Coupons are conveniently opened in a new browser tab so you can continue to compare drug prices on RxSpark. If you have a “pop-up blocker” installed in your browser, this may prevent RxSpark from opening a new tab with your voucher.

  1. Check your browser’s address bar for a notification or icon from a pop-up blocker. Clicking this should enable you to open the voucher page.

  2. If this fails, disable your “pop-up blocker” for the RxSpark site or for all sites.

  3. Visit your browser’s settings and ensure Javascript and cookies are enabled.

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Using RxSpark when you have health insurance

I have health insurance. Can I still use RxSpark?

Yes you can! RxSpark can help save you money on prescription medication whether you have health insurance, Medicare or self-pay.

The price of many prescription drugs on RxSpark will be less than your co-pay, so even when you have insurance it is always worth checking if paying cash is cheaper.

RxSpark vouchers cannot be used to lower co-pay costs or with insurance. However, if the price is cheaper with an RxSpark voucher it may be used instead of prescription insurance.

Many insurance plans allow customers to submit prescription receipts for reimbursement or credit. If you are unsure, contact your insurance company to find out whether receipts for prescriptions purchased with RxSpark vouchers may be submitted for reimbursement or to be counted towards your deductible.

Check your insurance company’s website or policy documents to find out your co-pay and get an accurate idea of your outgoings when using your prescription insurance.

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How do I save money on prescriptions if I have insurance?

Health insurance customers generally enjoy two main benefits with regards to prescription drugs. Firstly, insurance policies often entitle holders to cheaper medication. Second, a low co-pay is usually set, although this can vary between policies and between drugs.

When you require a prescription, there are a number of things to check to ensure you pay as little as possible for your medication.

  1. Is this medication covered in your insurance plan?
    • Formularies used by insurance company bracket drugs into “tiers”, each with different levels of co-pay. Patients may have to pay a higher percentage of the cost of brand-name drugs.

  2. How much will it cost?
    •Your insurance company’s website may provide pricing and detailed on whether the drugs you need are on the “preferred” list (in their formulary). Those that are not may be cheaper to buy using an RxSpark voucher.

  3. Have you met your deductibles?
    • With many health insurance plans, patients need to hit a separate prescription deductible before their insurance will pay for medication. Other policies simply have a high all-inclusive deductible but offer discounts on prescriptions. However, paying cash and using an RxSpark voucher may prove cheaper, even with these discounts.

  4. Does RxSpark have lower prices than your co-pay?
    • Co-pays are usually at least $10. A huge range of generic drugs purchased with RxSpark vouchers will cost significantly less than this.

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How can RxSpark help with my high deductibles?

What difficulties face people with high deductible plans when buying prescriptions?
High deductible health plans require policyholders to pay for their own medical care and services until the cost reaches a certain threshold. In a typical high-deductible plan, this can be over $6,500 for an individual and significantly higher for a family plan. The consequence is many Americans with these plans do not satisfy their annual deductibles. This means they pay a lot of out-of-pocket medical expenses and do not receive co-pay benefits.

Policyholders generally get lower prices for prescriptions than the cash price you would receive walking into a pharmacy. However, these are usually higher than a co-pay rate and it can be particularly expensive when buying branded medication.

How does RxSpark help?
RxSpark vouchers are often significantly cheaper than the price of an insurance co-pay and are lower than the cash price paid when you walk into a pharmacy.

Generic drugs often cost less than a co-pay, while the price of branded pharmaceuticals may also be less on RxSpark, particularly if it is not covered in your health plan’s formulary.

Just ask your pharmacist to use the voucher to process the transaction and not to run the prescription through your insurance.

Don’t forget, prescriptions purchased with RxSpark will not count towards a deductible. If you have a large number of medical expenses or numerous costly prescriptions, it might be worth considering using your insurance to satisfy your deductible.

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How has the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) affected prescription prices? Can I still save with RxSpark?

The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) has affected plans for many Americans across the country. You may find drugs covered under your old policy are no longer included in your insurer’s formulary. Deductibles are also on the rise, which may mean greater out-of-pocket medical expenses for many policyholders.

Can I still save with RxSpark?
Fortunately, RxSpark can still help keep your outgoings on prescription medication to a minimum. Find the free voucher for the medication you need at and take it in to the pharmacy you selected. Ask your pharmacist not to run the prescription through your insurance and to use your voucher instead.

Don’t forget, prescriptions purchased with RxSpark will not count towards a deductible. If you have a large number of medical expenses or numerous costly prescriptions, it might be worth considering using your insurance to satisfy your deductible.

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How do I use RxSpark instead of insurance?

Just ask your pharmacist to use the voucher to process the transaction and not to run the prescription through your insurance. It’s that easy!

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Using RxSpark with Medicare

I have Medicare, how can RxSpark save me money?

Medicare Part D (prescription drug coverage) and Advantage programs are useful plans to help seniors over the age of 65 save money on healthcare services and medication.

Stay informed about your medication costs
Prescription prices change regularly, making it hard to keep track of your medication costs and to ensure you do not overpay. RxSpark helps seniors stay informed about their medication and its impact on their overall healthcare bills. We feature important information on medication, along with dosages and possible conflicts with over-the-counter drugs.

Find lower prices than Medicare Part D co-pay
Drug prices are lower when you have Medicare coverage, but in many cases it is easy to find cheaper alternatives. Search RxSpark and you may find the medication is cheaper with a voucher and cash than with a Medicare discount.

This is particularly true when drugs are not included in the insurance company’s formulary. A limited coverage is offered by Medicare, but RxSpark greatly expands your options. We make it easy for seniors to find the lowest prices on an extensive range of brand-name and generic drugs at their local pharmacies.

If the drugs you need are not on the formulary or there is a cheaper generic alternative, it may be worth exploring RxSpark to see if you can save money on your prescription medication.

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How does purchasing a prescription without Medicare affect your limits?

Purchasing drugs through Medicare may be a bit more expensive at times, but it will count towards your limits. If you need to get to the deductible stage of a plan this might be the wisest course to take. However, if you are unlikely to reach your deductible it can leave you in stuck in a coverage gap or “the donut”.

Some plans allow members to submit receipts for drugs purchased without Medicare, but this is not typical so it is important to check your plan. When medication it purchased without Medicare, the cost will not generally not count towards a limit either.

Each patient’s needs are different, so it is important to evaluate your own circumstances, plan and prescription needs and establish whether using Medicare, RxSpark or a combination of the two is the best option for you.

RxSpark provides seniors with an easy way to compare drug prices and stay more informed about their prescription medication purchasing decisions.

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Can I save with RxSpark if I have Medicare Part D / Medicare Advantage?

You can! Medicare co-pay is not always the pharmacy’s lowest price, so even if you have prescription coverage, this may not be the best route to the cheapest prices. You may also not be eligible for some discounts until you have reached your deductible, or may need to purchase drugs not included in your provider’s formulary.

RxSpark can be used instead of Medicare to keep the price of over-the-counter and prescription drugs to a minimum. It cannot be used with Medicare or to reduce the cost of a co-pay, but it may be cheaper to bypass Medicare and pay cash with an RxSpark voucher, particularly if you are not likely to reach your deductible.

You can also use RxSpark to compare the prices of drugs at pharmacies in your area, so it is easy to find out whether you can get a better price than your co-pay or Medicare discount.

Prescriptions purchased with RxSpark will not count towards a deductible, so if you have a large number of medical expenses or numerous costly prescriptions, it might be worth considering using your insurance to satisfy your deductible.

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Medicare doesn’t cover my prescription drugs

Medicare and health insurance plans do not cover all drugs. When a senior requires a drug not covered by their Medicare, they are usually eligible for a discount on the cash price as a result of their cover. However, patients will sometimes have to shoulder the whole cost of this slightly lower price.

If your drug isn’t covered, RxSpark can help. We can show you the best prices at pharmacies near you, listing cheaper generic alternatives if there are any and making it easy to compare our voucher prices with the price of drugs bought through Medicare.

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How RxSpark can help with Medicare limits and restrictions

Some medication available on Medicare requires prior authorization. This means Medicare will not cover the prescription until it has been approved. Purchasing these drugs through RxSpark sidesteps these restrictions, enabling you to get the drugs you need at a reasonable price.

Other prescriptions have quantity restrictions placed on them when purchased through Medicare. Patients may get discounts through their plan, but the cover will only allow them to buy a certain number each month. When purchasing using RxSpark vouchers, these limitations do not apply.

In order to get some drugs on Medicare, there are step therapy requirements. This means patients must try certain drugs first before Medicare will cover another drug. Using RxSpark, patients can get the drugs they want without having to try a series of potentially unsuccessful treatments.

It is always worth checking your Medicare plan to see whether there are restrictions on cover for the medication you need. In some cases, plans will make exceptions to restrictions.

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Assistance with Medicare prescription costs

Seniors struggling to pay for their Medicare prescriptions have a number of options available to help them cover the cost of essential medication. Medicare itself offers Extra Help for patients on a low-income, details of which can be found on the website of the U.S. Social Security Administration.

There are also numerous patient assistance programs offered by non-profit organizations. Many drug manufacturers also offer assistance programs to ensure patients with financial issues still get the mediation they require.

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Financial Assistance with Prescriptions

How do I reduce the cost of my prescription medication?

Generic drugs generally cost a lot less than their branded counterparts. Generic medication approved by the FDA is required to have the same dosage, strength, method of use and intended use as branded versions. They are just as safe, perform the same and have the same quality requirements.

If a doctor prescribes a brand-name drug, ask if a generic version is available, as this could prove a far cheaper way to get the medication you need.

When you search for medication on RxSpark, check the first dropdown menu to see if there is a generic version of the drug you require as the prices may be much less than the brand-name medication.

Pill Splitting
Many pills and drugs do not increase in price when the dosage increases. Consequently, it may be cheaper to split one pill in half to get two doses rather than take two separate pills. For example, if you need a 50mg tablet daily, you could take half a 100mg tablet and save the other half for the next day.

Patients should check with a doctor or pharmacist before using this money-saving strategy as it is not safe with all varieties of tablet.

Price Matching at the Pharmacy
Some pharmacies are flexible on the price of drugs and will negotiate or price-match. Many do not advertise this, so it is always worth asking to make sure you are getting the best value for money!

Coupons and Discount Programs
RxSpark vouchers can save you up to 75% off the cash price and are accepted at thousands of retail pharmacies across the United States.

Brand-name drug manufacturers often offer manufacturer vouchers, (or co-pay cards). However, these often require registration on the site and insurance companies usually prefer not to use them.

Pharmacy discount programs (both paid and free) are offered by a number of major pharmacies. These cover a limited range of generic drugs at a discounted rate.

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How do I find a patient assistance program?

If you struggle to afford your prescriptions a number of patient assist programs can help you get the medication you need.

Visit the Partnership for Prescription Assistance website for further details of programs, applications, FAQs and helplines to assist you and help you get your medication costs under control.

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What federal and state assistance program are available?

If you are looking to spend less on prescriptions or have difficulty paying for medication, there are thousands of programs providing assistance. These are run by federal and state governments, manufacturers, non-profits and others.

State Programs
In addition to the nationally available Medicaid and CHIP, each state also has its own individual selection of assistance program to help patients struggling with the cost of prescriptions and medication.

To find out about programs in your state, click here.

Eligibility for Medicaid coverage differs depending on the state you live in. Most adults under 65 with individual incomes of up to $15,000 a year qualify for Medicaid in every state. The majority of states provide some cover for those on a low-income or with disabilities.

Click here for more information on Medicaid.

Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)
CHIP is available in all states, providing low-cost health coverage to children in families whose income is too high for Medicaid. CHIP goes by different names in some states, but for more information visit or call 1-877-543-7669.

Community Health Centers
Hospitals, health centers and clinics offering free or subsidized care based on income qualify as community health centers. These can be used by anyone, irrespective of whether you have health insurance or not.

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The 340B Drug Discount Program

Some facilities offering care participate in the 340B Drug Discount Program. This requires drug manufacturers to provide outpatient drugs to eligible healthcare organizations and covered entities at significantly reduced prices. This is particularly useful for patients who are either uninsured or who have insurance that does not adequately cover their prescription medication needs.

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Manufacturer Patient Assistance Programs

Manufacturers often run patient assistance programs, which can be particularly helpful when you require expensive branded medication. You can find these through resources like those listed above or by visiting the manufacturer’s website. Links to some of these programs at major pharmaceutical firms are listed below.

AstraZeneca's AZ and Me program

Gilead Patient Assistance Programs

GlaxoSmithKline's Bridges to Access

Pfizer RxPathways

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Other Tips to Help You Save Money on Prescriptions

Generic drugs are not always the cheaper option
Even some generic drugs can prove expensive, so if you are struggling to afford these, do some more research into the brand-name version. Brand-name drug manufacturers will often offer assistance programs that are unavailable for generic varieties.

Look into financial support programs
Do your homework when looking into financial support programs. Most have income and eligibility requirements and will not be available to those with insurance or Medicare. However, this is not universally true, so some thorough research and combing the fine print may reap rewards. Some assistance programs are designed to help those with Medicare costs or for patients whose insurance will not cover a drug or line of treatment.

Ask your doctor
It may seem an obvious step, but your doctor can help you look into assistance programs and some are only available through a doctor’s office. Physicians may be able to prescribe a cheaper prescription medication with the same effect if you are struggling financially. Alternatively, doctors may provide other advice on how to reduce prescription costs.

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Other Information and Questions

What is the difference between generic and branded drugs?

Not much… The main difference is that a generic drug is no longer protected by a patent so it can be sold by multiple manufacturers, which significantly reduces the price.

Generic drugs are just as safe and effective because they are chemically identical to branded medication and the FDA requires scientific studies to show they work in the same way as the branded version before they can be released onto the market.

Branded medication is no more powerful than generics, as the strength, means of administering and dosage form of a generic must be the same as its branded counterpart.

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Is there a generic version of my drug?

If the branded drug you need has been available for some time, there is a good chance there is a cheaper generic version on the market.

Once you have searched for the medication you need on RxSpark, the first dropdown menu on the results page allows you to choose between branded and generic versions of the medication, making it is easy to compare prices and pick the cheapest option.

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Why are there prices on RxSpark but the pharmacy is out of stock?

RxSpark lists prices and vouchers available at participating pharmacies. However, we do not keep an up-to-date list of stock or inventory at individual pharmacies, so cannot tell when a drug is no longer available.

If you have any concerns, we recommend calling your chosen pharmacy ahead of your visit to ensure they have the medication you need. If they do not, most pharmacies are able to place orders when given notice ahead of time.

Every RxSpark voucher includes the phone number for the pharmacy at the bottom.

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How should I dispose of unused/unwanted medication?

Disposal of some drugs require special precautions. The FDA provides guidance on how to properly dispose of unwanted and unused medication.

Many prescription drugs can be thrown in the trash, but it is important to check first in case they have special disposal requirements.

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What does RxSpark do to protect my privacy?

RxSpark has a number of systems in place to protect the security and privacy of our customers. Our Privacy Policy provides details about how we use personal information. If you have any concerns about privacy, please get in touch through our Contact Us page.

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