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Allergies are a damaging response by the body’s immune system due to hypersensitivity to a foreign substance, such as foodstuffs, pollen, animal fur, insect stings, dust or medication. Common symptoms include itching skin, swelling and rashes, a runny nose or red eyes. However, more severe reactions such as anaphylaxis can be life-threatening if not treated quickly. One of the most common forms is allergic rhinitis or hay fever, which millions of  people across the US experience each year.

Avoidance is one of the best treatments for allergies, but medication can help alleviate many of the symptoms. Commonly prescribed medication include antihistamines such as Claritin (loratadin), corticosteroids and  decongestants like Sudafed (pseudoephedrine). Patients with severe allergies may also be advised by their doctor to carry epinephrine. Immunotherapy may also be an effective treatment for serious allergies. 

Drugs Used to Treat Allergies: