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BASE10 Genetics: The next step in precision medicine and DNA testing

Pharmacists have always been on the frontline of healthcare, providing medication and guidance to millions of American patients, and functioning as the first port of call for many in search of treatment and clinical advice. BASE10 is the latest innovation in precision medicine, providing patients with access to cutting edge genetic technologies and promoting well-informed healthcare decisions. Pharmacies partnering with BASE10 empower their customers with an easy-to-use means of home DNA testing and access to personalized health data and resources. 

When it comes to providing the best healthcare, information is a vital tool for patients, pharmacists, and other healthcare providers. It enables healthcare professionals to provide accurate, informed advice to patients regarding clinical decisions and treatment options. Using BASE10, pharmacists can play another vital healthcare role, offering customers access to the latest DNA testing technologies and empowering them to make better healthcare decisions, and connecting them with the right healthcare professionals.

BASE10 builds a personalized ecosystem around each user, enabling them to utilize genetics in their daily lives to improve health and make informed lifestyle and clinical decisions. Topic-specific and actionable genetic reports designed to focus on the consumer's area of interest are compiled by a team of genetic and medical experts. However, BASE10 is more than just a DNA report; it is a full system providing patients with the data and insights required to make informed decisions about their health and lifestyle, promoting highly personalized and data-driven healthcare choices. Based on the findings, patients can then find and assemble their own team of health professionals to review results and provide advice on the most appropriate action. 

The BASE10 DNA kit itself is fast, non-invasive and is a standardized format for high throughput DNA processing. The DNA sample yield is ten times that of a simple swab and the kit is stable at room temperature, bacteriostatic, and conveniently packaged for easy shipping to pharmacies and users. Patients choose from an ever-growing library of gene "bundles", enabling them to generate targeted reports about their individual genetic data. 

Pharmacies partnering with BASE10 equip patients with important data and insights into their unique genetic makeup, empowering them to take the next step toward better health. Whether this involves making important lifestyle changes or finding the right specialists and healthcare professionals to address specific medical issues and risk factors highlighted in their personalized reports, BASE10's DNA kit is the next big step in precision medicine. 

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